Friday, December 21, 2012

sony ssf 5000 speakers review

sony ssf 5000 speakers review

we’ve seen a reliable number of speaker sets in our own deal-hunting days however it’s not terribly typically that we both are graced by having good amount on giant speakers. yes, that’s right amazon currently has these sony floor standing speakers on sale for only $149.99 ! these speakers as implied by their floor standing nature are giant such that you can offer you that crazy audio punch you’ve been attempting to find. whether or not you’re wishing to fill the area ( or maybe even the house ) with music as well as sound of one's favorite movies from a home theater here’s the ideal tools for the work. each of one's speakers during this combine embrace 3 drivers while a woofer for sound across all spectrums. the tweeter is 1-inch, the driver is 3. 25-inches and therefore the woofer is 8-inches. using this three-way sound you'll be able to hear each detail while not needing many alternative speakers and after all as a result of they actually are floor standing they’re incredibly simple to firmly got wind of and commence using. 

Product Features
    Newly developed 8" mica reinforced woofer
    3.25" mid-driver
    1" Nano Fine balanced dome tweeter
    150-watt maximum input power
    45-50,000Hz frequency response

Product Description

Fill a large room with the deep bass and pure treble of the SS-F5000 floor-standing speakers. Built to recreate tones across the entire range, these speakers elevate your music to a new high. The precision sound reproduction provides high resolution audio that you and your guests will appreciate from song to song.